Friend Your CRM in Telegram Messenger

AmoCRM Bot is your intelligent assistant.

Bot helps you to stay on top of recent changes in your CRM and get important to you statuses directly into your Telegram Messenger.

Start chat with Bot

Add AmoCRM Bot to your Telegram contacts, authorize it to your AmoCRM and start getting instant messages from your CRM.

Add Bot to group chats

By using Bot in group chats you are collectively listening to your CRM.

Watch for changes in your CRM

Bot instantly tells you what has happened and helps you to quickly and properly react.

Discuss with colleagues

While in group chat, you can discuss business right there, as soon as Bot brings the news.

Filter what you need

Want Bot to focus on what is matter for you? Tell him what filters you would like to apply.

Get statuses on what is important

Daily (or by request) Bot will notify you re summary of your leads, pipeline and how members of your sales team are doing.

How Does AmoCRM Bot Work?

1) Add @AmoCRMOfficial_bot as new contact in Telegram

Bot will help you to securely connect to your instance of AmoCRM.

2) Start getting messages

Bot will start sending you messages re recent changes in CRM according to filters you set.

3) Discuss CRM news with your colleagues

Add Bot into group chat with your co-employees and discuss things right there.

4) Get daily statuses

Bot will tell you the results of your day and bring status reports by leads, pipeline and how members of your sales team are doing.